Trip to Portland and home again.

I had a nice vacation…… for the most part.

The first three days were wonderful! We went to Cannon Beach and had a long walk…… ended with dipping fabric into the ocean (it’s becoming a new tradition!). I had brought some silk fabric with me, and bought some odd lengths of wool fabric in Portland…… they were all baptized successfully, although I had to dash after some silk that the sea tried to seize! πŸ™‚ I’m sure I was a funny sight!

The nest day Emily and I went berry picking at a local organic farm. The thornless blackberries weren’t very yummy. But the strawberries were heavenly! I also purchased some local peaches which were amazing, and some blueberries that had been frozen from the month before.

IMG_2771_1The next day I spent walking, looking around the local area for baby shower party items, unsuccessfully 😦 The bakery that I had found via google, which sold organic gluten free cupcakes, had closed the week prior to my arrival! That was sad. And there were no local places to buy balloons and streamers. Ah well. It was a very nice long walk out in the beautiful city!

The next day my trip went downhill. I managed to misstep going down the stairs to the basement (where I was sleeping) and smashed a three inch gash in my heel! Only I could be so klutzy!! I ended up having to go to urgent care where they stitched it up (12 stitches!!). I was told to stay off of my feet for a few days (sure…. I had a baby shower to throw!).

The baby shower actually went well! Yes, I didn’t do as ordered and stay off of my feet. Here’s a photo of Emily and her baby belly…

IMG_2869_1I had wanted to get leaves while I was up there. So I went walking one day, which was a mistake on one hand….. my heel was screaming at me by the time I returned ‘home’…… but I did get a few. There were some maple trees that I remembered from my trip last year that made glorious purply prints. I went out looking for those and on Β the way back to the house I saw two cotinus trees with the biggest leaves I have ever seen! I wanted to pick some, but couldn’t build up the nerve to ‘steal’ them from somebody’s yard. Then I noticed a branch in the gutter!!! Yay! I grabbed it up and carried it home. I also got some nice walnut leaves from Cooper’s front yard (English walnut leaves…. rounder than the black walnut leaves I can get here).

Last week I eco printed with some of the leaves.

This scarf has some of the cotinus leaves, along with eucalyptus.

IMG_2938_1 IMG_2943This up-cycled silk blouse has the cotinus and walnut leaves, plus a few eucalyptus leaves. Oh, and the sleeves were left unbundled to take up the onion color of the dyebath.

IMG_2931_1And this scarf was done with a mixture of leaves mainly from my yard…..








7 thoughts on “Trip to Portland and home again.

  1. Julie, I love love the big bold prints on the blouse and the bottom scarf especially. It’s so nice to hear about your trip. I hope you are better now. One day that baby will come and spend holidays with you :)!! ox

    • Thanks Monika! I love the blouse! And I like the simplicity of the purple and orange prints in the middle scarf.
      A friend took the stitches out for me last Sunday (couldn’t afford to go to a doctor to have them taken out)….. it doesn’t hurt anymore, but the two end edges are still wanting to bleed a bit. Oh well…. it will heal! πŸ˜€
      A baby for the holidays! That will add excitement to Christmas!

    • Thank you! With these particular items, I also soaked them in soy milk a week or so before the trip.
      Time to heal…. it’s hard to make that time when you are working too. But I’m trying to be good!

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