Happy with this one!

IMG_2695 IMG_2696 IMG_2697


15 thoughts on “Happy with this one!

  1. I love this one! How do you get such glorious layers of leaves!!! what is that green leaf? Got your mojo working!!! YAY!

    • Hi Ginny!!
      I guess I get layers…. by layering! 🙂 I always tend to over load my prints.
      The green leaf is Mexican Marigold. I had planted them last year, thinking that they would have lovely orange blossoms, for Day Of The Dead bouquets….but when they didn’t, I tired the leaves in printing and was very pleased by the way they turned out, so I planted more this year.
      A bit of mojo coming back…. 😀

    • Thanks Lizet!
      On Monday I am on my way to Portland to visit with my kids….. it will be strange to see Emily with a huge pregnant belly, it seems like only yesterday that she was born herself!

      • Wish you a nice visit. It goes really fast, once they are born. I have the same feeling with my children. Now my grandson is already 4,5 months and cute as.

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