Odds and Ends

I eco printed a silk slip for myself, for my upcoming trip to Portland….. it turned out okay, BUT it didn’t fit! Dang! I wonder if it was mislabeled? I bought the same size silk camisole, from the same place, and it fits well. Humm….

Here’s a photo of the slip (I haven’t photographed the camisole yet because I’m not sure if it’s ‘done’).

IMG_2672 IMG_2675


I also eco printed an organic cotton tank top with blackberry leaves, rose leaves and cotinus.  I don’t have a decent full shot of the shirt yet…. I may over print it.

IMG_2668 IMG_2669


And a thrift shop cotton skirt with black walnut leaves……

IMG_2663 IMG_2659 IMG_2657


As you can see, I still haven’t regained my ‘mojo’…. but after my vacation I fully expect it to be back! 🙂  Only a week and a half until the trip!! I’m so excited!


4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. You think there is a lack of mojo in the walnut leaf prints? Standards are high around here! I have had the experience of buying what seemed to me should be identical garments and finding they were quite different too. And, I have also shrunk things that I did not expect to shrink. Surprises in dyeing are manifold!

    • Surprises are the name of the game……
      I like the walnut prints, but I think that I lust for a bit more color. That’s why I like the ‘pop’ of orange eucalyptus leaves intermixed with the other prints. But my latest batch of silver dollar eucalyptus was very disappointing….. only about a 5th of them turned orange!
      I have three silk blouses that one of my daughters gave me, bought second hand at thrift shops, and none of them fit (although from their sizes on their labels, they should’ve fit), Somebody must have shrunk them. I have mordanted them in soy milk and am going to bring them with me to Oregon, to dip in the ocean. And collect some maple leaves while I’m up there.
      Will be dyeing them when I return home. They will turn out beautifully! 🙂 I’m being optimistic!

  2. Yes, Julie, maybe that’s it, that you love colourful. To me, all items are exquisite. I just love those slips, the way the prints overlap. Maybe you could take some already printed pieces and dip them in the ocean too. Have a great trip.

    • Thanks Monika, I will have a wonderful trip!
      Not only will it be a break from working….. but I will be able to see Cooper and Emily (and her big baby belly!).
      I will be giving her a baby shower while I’m up there too! That will be fun.

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