Mojo Gone

I’ve been having trouble getting nice prints in my eco dyeing these past few weeks…. and am feeling like I lost the magic touch.

Then I seemed to remember that I was having the same feeling at about this same time last year! So I won’t let it get me down. I’ll just keep plodding along.

Here is a scarf I wove out of ‘peace’ silk and then dyed…..

peace silk eco print 1


Actually I think that I showed it already….. after the first printing. It’s been over printed since then.

And here are two scarves that I am really not excited by…….

silk eco printed scarf 30th #2 4 silk eco printed scarf 30th #5


I am going to try soaking my next batch of silk in some soy milk, along with some reclaimed linen pieces, to see if that will help enhance the prints.


8 thoughts on “Mojo Gone

    • Thanks Mariana!
      I definitely need a vacation! And I’ll be having one in a few weeks….. am heading to Oregon to see how Emily’s belly is growing! 🙂
      Peace silk is silk collected from cocoon’s that have had the silk moth emerge….. so no dead silk worms….. hence the ‘peace’. The fibers are not as long and it has a rougher look to it. I really liked weaving with it!

  1. The first one with purple shades is impressive and the last one iwht red euc leaves are pretty. Sometimes the plants play magic ! Appreciate anything it turn out.

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