Thank you.

I want to thank the people who answered my query about smelly prints! I soaked the two items (the slip and the scarf) in baking soda water …… it helped!

In today’s scarf I modified my approach to using just egg whites and not the whole egg. That helped tremendously!

Here is the silk slip I soaked in the soda water…..

etsy eco slip small back

etsy eco slip small




And here is the scarf. Handwoven out of a 50/50 wool silk single ply yarn. Nice and light weight. There are some bizarre colors going on in it, and the prints are subtle….. but for some reason I love it!

etsy wool:silk eco scarf 7

etsy wool:silk eco scarf 6


Today’s scarf ( handwoven out of ‘Peace’ silk) turned out a bit bland. One end took up the color and prints fairly well. The other end looks like blue and gray smudges. I’m going to over print it on Wednesday…… rolling it up from the opposite end.

IMG_2565 IMG_2566 IMG_2569


7 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. I am glad the odour ‘mystery’ is solved :). And sorry that it’s only now I read your latest posts. I am now lost not only on Flickr, but also in the blog-world, after Reader shut down.

  2. I realise it’s a long time since this post but last night I was reading Karen Cassleman on this question and she recommended freezing the stinky object and then washing. You never now when you might create another beautiful stinker!

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