Eco Print Silk Slip….

Such a nice day I had today!

Two of my children were here for a few days….. Lilly was up from Phoenix (she went home tonight), and Cooper is here from Portland (he flies home on Thursday).

Today we did a mini photo shoot in Oak Creek Canyon of my cochineal dyed shawl and an eco print slip I made for Lilly. It was pleasant to be amongst the greenery and listen to the water burble by. And I snagged a few oak leaves to use at a later time!!

IMG_2408 IMG_2417 IMG_2420 IMG_2425 IMG_2432 IMG_2434

The day had a perfect surprise ending….. as we were driving home from Flagstaff, we saw a wondrous sight! A flock of 2000 sheep being herded from Cortes, Colorado to Williams, Arizona (they were on the last bit of a LONG journey!). We stopped to take photos, of course.


Lilly wished that she could follow along with the flock for the entire trip, documenting it throughout. I said that I would love to join her on such a journey!


17 thoughts on “Eco Print Silk Slip….

  1. Beautiful work as always!
    I’m glad to be able to see it again through here.
    Kids are the best thing on earth… as are grand kids…
    Regards from Israel,

  2. Meant to write a comment when I first saw this… but apparently didn’t!! just saw you on Sheila’s blog and thought to send some words now.. Think of you often..So glad life there is good.. xx

  3. I have lived in that part of the country – so beautiful. Love the photos of the sheep. I checked, and it’s 300 mi from Cortez to Williams. I had no idea that animals were still herded that far. Was this a real commercial shepherding operation? Like your daughter, would have liked to join in.

    • Hi Aggie,
      We were surprised, and delighted, to see this too! Not sure what you mean by ‘a real commercial shepherding operation’? They were definitely moving the sheep to different pastures for the season. And with that many sheep, it probably was a commercial operation. But not sure.
      I too would like to follow along πŸ˜€
      You’ve lived in this area? I grew up in Flagstaff, and miss it. The Verde Valley, where I’ve lived for 32 years, just doesn’t do the same thing for me.

      • Mostly wandering through Williams, Flagstaff, and Heber/Mogollon Rim. We had a dear friend (since passed away) with a place on the river near Cottonwood. What do you think of Sedona? I can see why you would miss your home; it’s one of those special places.

      • What do I think of Sedona?
        The town itself sucks. When I was growing up it was a cute little town and I loved driving down the canyon to get there. I took my first weaving classes from Mary Pendleton, who had a weaving studio and yarn shop there.
        But now? It’s just a huge over crowded tourist attraction. Although the geology around the town is sublime.
        I have a dream to move to Oregon. Someplace where I can have a huge garden full of veggies and dye plants. Plus all of my children have moved up there. Probably won’t happen, it’s expensive to move. 😦
        How do like Texas?

      • Lou didn’t like going to Sedona, for reasons similar to yours. We went once, and, I agree, it’s stunningly beautiful, but too many people.
        I love the beauty of the northwest. Would backpack the cascades for a living, if possible.
        Texas is a huge state. Our county is in the oak savannah, mostly pasture, not showing on the map for herbicide pollution. Land is inexpensive, but it’s 45 mi to Home Depot type stores. It’s the biome I grew up in, no breathtaking canyons, conifers, or seas, but deciduous forest and prairie dotted with trees. Plenty of water, between two rivers. No state income tax. Little county regulation. So you can tell I like it.;)

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