A totally unexpected surprise!

The UPS truck driver showed up on my doorstep today…… he had in his hands A NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! WOW!!

The gift was from Lilly…… she said that it was my Mother’s Day and Birthday present. What a sweet thoughtful girl. Now I have no excuse not to be sewing my eco print fabric, and making all of my clothes (which is what I’ve been planning on doing for some time now). I am so blessed.

What have I been doing?

I dyed some yarn with cochineal….IMG_2355

And then used it, along with other yarns, to make a shawl….IMG_2371 IMG_2372

Oh… and I eco printed a little silk slip for Lilly. Not happy with it, so am going to over print it. Why not happy? The prints aren’t vibrant enough. I didn’t boil the bundle for long enough…. silly me! I usually boil them for at least 2 1/2 hours….. but I had read a post on India’s blog saying that over boiling can cause the orange to transition to brown…… so I thought that I’d try a shorter boiling time. Didn’t work….. so I guess my 2 1/2 hours is an optimum time.

And I’ve been working in the garden…… it’s that time of year again! But I’ll have everything planted by this coming week and can get back into creating.

Cooper is coming for a visit! I haven’t seen my son since last September at his sister’s wedding…… I’m very excited! Plus he can help me to get my ‘new’ loom out of the boxes and put together.

OH….. and the other really really exciting thing!! I’m going to be a Grandma!! Emily is pregnant with my first grandbaby!!!!



4 thoughts on “A totally unexpected surprise!

  1. I remember that your old machine was not helpful at times so I am very happy it’s been replaced – and in such a nice way :). And I also remember you kindly sent to me some cochineal – well, well, looking at your yarns, it’s time to use it…

    • My old sewing machine was definitely giving me major problems, especially when sewing silk. Now it will be smooth sailing! I’ve also been thinking of dyeing organic cotton corduroy to make little overalls for the baby. I used to make them for my children and they were so much fun to do!
      I will look forward to your cochineal dyeing experiments!

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