I get a ‘gold star’ for procrastination!

I’m very good at dragging my feet when I am starting a project that I’m not excited by…….

Like dish towels. I promised my brother and sister-in-law some for their Christmas present….. and here it is almost March and I’m just getting around to making them. 😦 bad Julie!!



When I went into my ‘studio’ to pick out the yarn colors a couple of weeks ago I got distracted by cleaning (a bit)…….. then I started looking at fiber! I started throwing all sorts of different clumps together and thinking….. I’m going to card! I had to put that thought on hold while I decided on which old cotton threads I was going to use.

But after choosing my colors…… my arms gathered up the heap of fiber and I happily plopped down in front of my drum carder….. instead of winding a warp.

Then of course I had to see what it looked like spun up! Then I decided to ply it with some of the hemp yarn I recently bought…… next week I’ll weave it on a hemp warp……. and then eco print it!



IMG_2272 IMG_2273

Oh what? Dish towels!? Dang.

Yesterday I finally said….. thread your loom!! Then proceeded to putz around dyeing some raw silk to make my son-in-law a scarf for his birthday.

Ahhhh Julie…….



11 thoughts on “I get a ‘gold star’ for procrastination!

  1. Hi Julie. Procrastination, what’s that? If it makes you feel any better at all, I have had a large warp of dishtowels on my Pendleton since 2003. I warped for many (for Christmas gifts) and have only finished one and a half. They are still there. May I have two gold stars? Your dishtowels are very colorful and cheerful, they will be beautiful and your brother and his wife will be so pleased to get them when they are done. Just don’t wait 9 years, you don’t want your loom tied up that long. Love you…

    • I think that you do deserve 2 gold stars! I would’ve cut the warp off by now, to free it up.
      But I now have three looms…… so in theory this won’t set me back if I don’t finish it right away. But I do want them done by this coming ‘weekend’….. so I’ll weave one dish towel every evening after work.
      How are you? I was surprised when you didn’t enter for the free scarf/cowl give-away!
      OH….. India Flint is giving a workshop in Eugene in October! I can’t go (my boss doesn’t allow us to take vacation in October)….. but you should look into it!
      Love you too!

      • Hi Julie….as soon as I read your reply that India Flint was coming to Eugene, I checked where and when and it is already full, the classes are already full 😦 I wrote anyway, hoping it’s not true. I didn’t enter your scarf/cowl giveaway because I already own one of your beauties and someone else needed the chance. How industrious of you to work all day and then weave one dishtowel a night!!! I hope they appreciate all of the long hours that go into making dishtowels. I am doing well, thanks for asking. I am trying to patiently hang in there through the cold and the grey and the wet for a sunnier time. How are you and your family? Hugs to you, Sheri

  2. Ah, don’t be hard on yourself, you have been creating – just not what you have planned. But don’t tell me that cloth on the loom is dishtowells! Too nice to wipe dishes!!! ox

    • True….. I have been creating. But I’ll be happier once these dish towels are finished.
      And yes….. what you see on the loom are dish towels! Wonderful dish towels! They are my favorite to use….. just not my favorite to weave! 🙂

  3. Proscrastination? I am member of that club. The dish towels look lovely, you should be proud of your work. I used to weave and know how much work it is.

    • Thanks Lizet.
      I love weaving….. and most projects are a delight to do! But for some reason I have an aversion to dish towels! Maybe I just wove too many of them when I first opened my etsy shop?
      This weekend I’m working on a piece of fabric that I hope to eco print…… not too sure how it will turn out, since the hand spun that I’m using for weft is pretty textured. We’ll see! 🙂

  4. I am always so impressed by all the lovely levels and steps that go into your work, Julie; and I smile about the beautiful dishtowels; I hope you can get them done just so they are Finished and on to the next without that in the back of your head! I am very much looking forward to seeing how the texture of what you weave works with the eco-print as eco-print and color and tedxture is what I am always inspired by and hopefully moving toward in my own fashion!!Slowly!

    • I did finish them Ginny…. and they have been sent, and received!
      I am excited to see how my play project turns out too! It’s almost all woven, then I need to soak it in soy milk….. then on to trying to print it! 🙂

    • Thank you Terrie….
      I’ve had other people say they should be table clothes, or runners….. and that’s a good idea! But they are some of the best dish towels I’ve ever used!
      And it’s a nice bright spot of color in the kitchen. 🙂

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