“You’re making a windsock?”

…… was what Jeph asked me.

No silly…. it’s a cowl! Just let me turn it right side out. Hummmm….. not too smart! I did make a windsock! So with a little unstitching and refiguring, it is now the cowl it started out to be!!

My machine is still not sewing well (and why would it be? there are no sewing machine fairies fluttering around in the night repairing whacky machines!) So I am not feeling confident in putting this up for sale……

SO, I decided that I haven’t had a ‘give-away’ in a LONG time…… it is now time! If you want to be entered in the give-away just leave a comment to that effect and I’ll toss your name into a hat. The lucky winner will be drawn on February 20th.

IMG_2240 IMG_2241 IMG_2242 IMG_2243And yet again I have over shrunk, instead of merely fulling, a scarf! It went from 16 inches wide to 5 inches wide in the blink of an eye! Ah well….. I had woven it to eco print, so I did that anyway. It’s too dense and thick for a scarf, but I’ll put it to use somehow!

IMG_2244And I’m sort of finishing a vest I started last winter. I wore it to work last week, but the lining is wonky….. maybe I should take the lining out? It’s made from an eco printed old wool blanket (complete with small moth holes). An attempt to make a pattern from a favorite old vest.

IMG_2248 IMG_2249Now…. off to clean house  😦


36 thoughts on ““You’re making a windsock?”

  1. Wow, if I won your cowl I’d be conflicted about wanting to keep it for myself, and wanting to gift it to my oldest daughter who would absolutely love it.
    The scarf looks like a clerical stole, hanging flat against the body like that. It would also be a lovely table runner! Of course, I think you could find someone who likes stiff scarves.
    I’ll be in Flagstaff this weekend with all my sisters and my mom, for Bill Breed’s memorial recognition at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Family is precious, isn’t it?

    • Family is indeed precious!
      I’ll put your name into the hat Linda! Maybe you’ll get it…. and the conflict will commence!
      A clerical stole. I can see that! Jeph had mentioned table runner too. Right now it’s just draped across the piano….. although I have to move the piano to Jeph’s studio very soon. I need the room in the living room for a free loom that is arriving this Sunday!

      • Yes, ‘yahoo!” indeed!!
        I need another loom like I need a hole in my head…. but who can turn down a free one!? And it’s a nice one too. The lady said that she’d been trying to give it away for several years and found no takers…. I said, I’ll take it!
        A friend is driving to Burbank this weekend to pick it up for me.

  2. Off to clean house?? what ? no fairies for that either, uh? I keep waiting in hope ahahahaa
    Let me tell you.. besides loving everything you make (and I read on Flickr a ruana?? I can not wait to see that one!) I am in love with the blue wall and the chair on your photos. She is crazy, you must be thinking… well yes, but no… πŸ˜€ it’s just that even If I paint a wall blue, here… considering the lack of sun on a daily basis… the colours just don’t look the same. I miss bright colours! And that blue wall, and the chair… are always fun, and such a great contrast to the things you make.

  3. πŸ™‚ it would be lovely – there is just enough color for my on the cowl :-). The vest is another beauty, love those colors too + the distressed look after moths have been at work πŸ™‚

    • You’re in the hat!!
      I was surprised at how many colors are in the vest….. I hadn’t scrutinized it in the strong sunlight before. Of course that same sunlight streams light through the holes too! πŸ™‚

  4. About the fairies…well I all I seam to have here is messy fairies, and I can post some of them over if you wold like too – but they don’t seem to be capable of helping out with sewing machines or anything practical for that matter – so maybe not…;-)
    Your things are just beautiful and the care and time you take to make them is evident when you look at them….keep on working – I will be here watching with keen eyes….and thank you for sharing…and now I’m off to do some experimenting with indigo -wish me luck….

    • Generous offer Maria….. but I think that I have all of the ‘messy’ fairies that I can handle! πŸ™‚
      I can’t wait to see what your new indigo creations look like! I looked at my indigo pot yesterday and I think that the really cold weather we had killed it. Or perhaps it is just hibernating?!
      I’ll add your name in the hat! Good luck! πŸ˜€

    • I’m not sure that I have the patience to hand stitch everything….. although I don’t mind embellishing with hand work. Probably my machine just needs some maintenance work (fingers crossed)….. when I have some spare money I’ll have somebody look at it.
      I’m going to put your name into the hat for the scarf drawing! πŸ˜€

  5. Love this post, all the pieces and colors and stories here and this conversation. No one would be upset at all if Lillywon the beautiful cowl former windsock. Speaking of over felting..! I come across those photos I took when you were here in Seattle Julie…and get such a good feeling about our in person visit!

    • I enjoyed our visit too! It’s so nice to finally meet virtual friends in person.
      I’m glad you saw this post in time to enter…… that’s one of the reasons I put the drawing date on the 20th (plus it’s Emily’s birthday, so I’ll remember it!). I know that some people don’t go on the computer as often as the rest of us, and I wanted to make sure nobody missed out!
      Your Name is now in the ‘hat’! πŸ™‚

  6. I love both pieces! I eco dye also but would love a piece from someone else…could you put my name in the hat? I have several smaller pieces that I could stitch together to make something too. I might just do that this week. Thank you for the inspiration (and possible goodie!). carolbsloan@yahoo.com

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