Two Little Scarves

Not feeling very wordy at the moment….. but I can still post photos of the two scarves I wove this ‘weekend’!!

The first one is just a plain weave scarf…… but lush colors and so so soft and warm!



And the second one is a collapse weave scarf. Made a few judgement errors on this one. I should’ve spaced the center wool stripe a bit more openly…… it was too tight and took FOREVER to collapse! I lost a lot of color in the extended long hot wash. It was supposed to be called ‘mirage’ with the dark rust giving the blue a hazy unreal feel. But it is instead called ‘unexpected delights’ because I like the way the colors faded and blended together!

IMG_2224And now…. back to tending my eco print scarves in the pot! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Two Little Scarves

  1. Jeph’s a musician (Blowhole, Animist Orchestra. field recordings)….. he has a friend coming over from Wales and they were trying to set up a gig at The Chapel.
    If I do come, I’d love to meet you and grab a cup of coffee!

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