It’s a good thing this scarf is for a tiny person!

Wanted to try out the new hemp yarn I bought….. and had a birthday present to make for my son’s girlfriend, who doesn’t like the ‘itch’ of wool! Perfect!

So I wove a collapse weave scarf using the hemp as the warp…. with stripes of a merino/silk bordered by a tiny mohair boucle. A shiny bright single ply silk was used as the weft.

The merino/silk shrunk up a lot more than I expected it too…. making the scarf fairly short. But she’s only 5 feet tall, so it should be okay.

If I had it to do over….. I would’ve made the scarf narrower, with only a single collapse stripe and ruffled edges. Will try to remember that for the next one I weave!

IMG_2157 IMG_2163 IMG_2164


10 thoughts on “It’s a good thing this scarf is for a tiny person!

    • Thanks Monika!
      It does feel nice…. I was a bit worried, it was really stiff when just coming off of the loom, but washing it did wonders! Nice and subtle now.
      It’s all wrapped up and waiting for me to run to the post office…. so I better head out.

    • šŸ™‚ Yes…. the ‘real’ thing. Although collapse weave scarves can be woven with elasticized yarns. Or over spun yarns. I have them in my ‘to do list’ in the back of my brain someplace!
      I do hope she likes it…..

    • Thanks Mariana…..
      Not really a very hard pattern, unless you put music on and start singing along….. then you lose your place and end up having to unweave to find where you made the mistake…. not fun šŸ˜¦
      Can’t wait to see your spinning adventures!

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