Not much happened this ‘weekend’…..

I was down with some sort of bug. Slept all day Monday….. and have felt a bit  out of sorts ever since.

Managed to put one warp on the loom…. and have another wound on the warping frame ready to go. Guess I’ll have to wait until this coming weekend to weave them off.

Did manage to make a funky little camera bag out of some eco printed wool blanket that I did a year or so ago…… for a little point and shoot camera I gave Jeph for his birthday today.

IMG_2155IMG_2156The lining is some eco print kimono silk…… and there is organic cotton batting sandwiched between the two layers.  Partially machine sewn…. partially hand sewn.


4 thoughts on “Not much happened this ‘weekend’…..

    • Thanks!
      Not sure what arashi is….. I’ll have to look it up later (after work).
      The lines come about from the bundle being tied with string before being immersed into the dye pot ….. to make sure the bundle is nice and tight so the leaves are snug against the cloth.

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