Thrift shop sweater

….and the blues

The blues turned out brilliantly! I’m so happy with the dyes I bought from  Blue Castle Fiber Arts!                   IMG_2143  or

I took the left over dye out of the pot and put it into my pressure cooker, along with a $6 wool sweater bundled around some old eucalyptus.  I love the combined rust and blue colors!! I’ll let it rest for a week then wash it…. we’ll see how well the blue stays in since there was no mordant (actually I did throw an old rusty water faucet knob into the pot too…. hopefully there was enough iron leeching out to stabilize the blue!).



12 thoughts on “Thrift shop sweater

    • Happy New Year to you too Sheila!
      I think that there was a possibility of ‘murkiness’…. wherever the orange and blue collide. But luckily, for the most part, they keep their distance from each other.
      Whew! 🙂

  1. I love the sweater and the BLUES! but mostly I love being home with my sweetie,and his,new kidney!!! It has been a wild and difficult New Year so far, but we ARE HOME- the kidney IS working, and,it is time for rest and recovery!!!!

  2. Oh wow..I just love your blues and rusts..U also just got my answer here on your blog to whether the dyes were from Blue Castle..I am going to order some..have loved your results..and especially this..sending xxx!

    • Thanks Monika,
      No weaving this week, I’ve been sick…… as a matter of fact, I’m wondering right now why I didn’t call in sick to work today.
      But I’ll head in and see how long I make it….. 😦

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