Playing around with my new dyes…..

I bought some new natural dyes, made in India ( I purchased them from….. Blue Castle Fiber Arts) they’re great! Easy to use and nice strong colors.

So far I have only used three colors…. but am excited to buy some of the others to see how well they turn out!

Here are two weavings I made using some of the yarn that I dyed…..

Handwoven naturally dyed shawl

Handwoven naturally dyed shawl

IMG_2026 IMG_2027

handwoven scarf dyed with natural dyes

handwoven scarf dyed with natural dyes

IMG_2035 IMG_2031

So much happier with the weaving accomplished this week….. after two disasters last week!


12 thoughts on “Playing around with my new dyes…..

  1. Such beautiful rich colors, Julie. Beautiful weavings. How do you get the nubbies in your yarn? It’s very pretty. This group has the flavor of Oaxaca. Love and hugs to you.

    • Thanks Sheri!
      The ‘nubbies’ came in the yarn, I didn’t put them there! Someday I’ll learn how to spin a nice boucle…. someday.
      It does feel a bit like Oaxaca…… or an Indian market.
      I was thinking about putting a political statement with my corn maiden scarf….. anti-GMO, pro organic and heirloom. But I didn’t.

  2. Hi Julie: So glad I found your blog again via flickr and turned up on the day you posted these vibrant, beautiful scarves hand spun, hand dyed and woven-wow! Took a peek a the photo shoot with Lilly too-delightful;will post soon on Flickr so we can catch up a bit..hope your elbow heals soon..will head for your easy shop to have a look!

    • Thanks Ginny!
      Hand dyed, yes…… hand woven, yes…… not hand spun 😦 Well, there is a bit of my hand spun in the shawl, but not enough to mention!
      I look forward to seeing your post!
      And the elbow is getting better and better! Thanks!

    • Thanks Gill,
      I am very happy with these colors! The color palette available through these dyes isn’t quite as extensive as what I’m hoping to ultimately achieve, but it’s a jumping off spot!

    • Thanks Monika! 🙂
      Last week…..
      I had woven a great scarf……. twill blocks surrounded by alpaca stripes……then dipped in an indigo dye bath.
      I then washed it in the washing machine on hot…… meaning for the alpaca to shrink and leave me with collapsed, ruffled silk squares.
      BUT apparently the silk that I used in the warp wasn’t 100% silk (the cone was unlabeled)…… but rather a 50/50 wool silk blend. So the WHOLE thing shrunk into a dense felt. And all of the twill pattern was lost.
      I kept it to wear myself….. it’s soft, and very warm, but not so pretty 😦

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