So much more fun taking photos with Lilly!

Thanksgiving day was fun……

Lilly brought her camera and tri-pod and we took photos of the weavings that I’d listed on etsy. They have so much more life to them now.

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7 thoughts on “So much more fun taking photos with Lilly!

  1. Oh Julie, what lovely photos. Yes, everything is better with Lilly. She makes your amazing scarfs/shawls look like a million bucks. All of your work here is so beautiful. What a wonderful weaver/dyer/jack of all trades you are. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Much love and hugs, Sheri

    • We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving…… how about you?
      Lilly and Cooper keep thinking that we should start a family business…. I hope it does happen some day!!
      Between us we have photographers, fiber artists, writers and musicians….. and a lawyer (who is also a photographer, musician and painter!). The things we could do as a team! 😀
      Love and Hugs to you too!

  2. Hi Julie, that is a great idea to have a family business. You guys are the whole package. You should go for it. Thanksgiving here was quiet, just me. Dick and Luke have been in Eastern Russia for the last month working but they are coming home tomorrow. We will have Thanksgiving then. I hope all of you are healthy and happy and that this year, Christmas is completely stress free. Love you lots, me

      • Hi Julie, Dick and Luke work for the same company here in Eugene. Together, they engineered a big electric composter machine that a sawmill in Plastun, Russia ordered. Plastun sits on the eastern most edge of Russia, right on the Sea of Japan. They were there for a month, setting it up, working out the bugs, and getting it started up. Quite a cultural event of a lifetime. I wonder what kind of weavings Russians do? xox

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