A little lump….

There is such a fine line between the perfect collapse weave scarf….. and a lump, or rock.

This started out as a Soari-ish scarf. Mixing raw silk and wools in the warp… then crossing them with various wools in the weft. I was hoping for an interesting look….. and with a bit more brightness than the last things I wove.

But I left it in the machine a ‘moment’ too long….. I should learn that when I check things and they say…. just another minute or two, it’s time to take them out! OR do the whole collapse wash in the sink instead of the washing machine….. that way my eye is on the project the entire time.

I still love the colors…. they make me happy!


And I did make a twill scarf. Funny, it feels limp compared to the ‘collapse weave’ one!

Raw silk warp and alpaca weft….. all natural dyes, as is the collapse weave one.


Now….. to drive over to Sedona to pick up my organic turkey. Then home again to put another warp on the loom.

I wish that I hadn’t offered to work part day tomorrow (to make up for the time lost by the store being closed on Thursday)…… I would love to stay home and weave!


6 thoughts on “A little lump….

  1. Both are so very pretty, the collapse one must be very snuglly and the pink one, what a luxurious look the material dn the twill give, I just love the subtle textures you have achieved.

    • Thanks Monika!
      I like the twill scarf too…… twills and rosepath designs have a lot to offer (as we both know by the wonderful scarves that Susan makes!)
      I wish that the collapse one was snugly! Then I would love it! But it’s a little too stiff for that word to apply. It IS a ‘HAPPY’ scarf however…… πŸ™‚

  2. Remembered your blog when I saw that Monika announced the reopening of your shop. Hope to see you soon on Flickr.You are there..I’ll turn up again soon. Love these colors you have used..and always so much enjoy seeing your work, Julie!

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