More listings on etsy

I put a couple of more things up on etsy today…..

I’m really happy with the eco print scarves and the piece of eco printed wool that I listed. Not as happy with the shawl. Don’t get me wrong…… it has a wonderful ‘hand’, and is so soft and cuddly! But the colors are a bit mousy.  I need to dye some more yarns in deeper more saturated colors.

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In the meantime, after I weave off the scarf that is on my loom, I might weave  something out of my left over stash of aniline dyed cottons to get a color fix.



10 thoughts on “More listings on etsy

  1. These are outstandng! Beautiful !! first questions— How? what kind of sea salts, did you buy some for use at home? And the Vinegar! when are you using vinegar, on silk?, and how much! I am having a lot of trouble getting prints of anything and I am questioning everything I do!
    Now, do you need Maple leaves!??? I have lots and lots of them that are drying up as we speak! Message me!!!
    I love the blog!

    • Hi Ginny!! I was just thinking about you last night after I saw a photo on Pat’s blog!
      I buy coarse sea salt and use that. Except for when I was up at my daughter’s wedding and we drove to the coast and I was able to anoint my fabric in the real ocean!
      Amounts? ha ha ha ….. you should know me better than that! I never keep track. But I think that I use roughly a cup and a half per pot of the salt and a big glug or two of vinegar from a gallon bottle of vinegar. I warm the water up (rain water) until the salt dissolves….. then soak my fabric in it until I’m ready to do my bundles.
      I tried using ‘dead sea salts’ on my last bundles…. they didn’t turn out so well. BUT it could have been the wool gauze fabric I was using. AND I forgot to use vinegar!
      OH…. try dipping your leaves in a solution of egg and rust water. Or just rust water. It helps!
      So nice to hear from you Ginny!! I’ve missed our chats!
      I’ll write more when I get home from work!

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