The thought of taking photos and editing them, and writing words…… in the re-opening of my etsy shop….. leaves me cold! I am just not feeling enthused.

Perhaps I’m just over tired from the long 4 day event at my job….. perhaps it’s not having fun taking photos without Lilly as my model….. perhaps it’s not being happy with the colors in my weaving.  Who knows…

I do know that I enjoy creating….. I do not enjoy marketing.

Here are photos of the first five things I’m going to list….

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10 thoughts on “Daunting

  1. Julie, they are fabulous I love the very first scarf …my favourite colours of course …so a little biased there ! You are a wonderfully creative woman, it is always such a pleasure to see your work. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I must admit I hear alot of creative people say they do not always enjoy the marketing factor.

    • Thanks Sheila!
      That’s why I don’t like my job either…… I just don’t enjoy selling/retail. 😦
      Although I must act like I do, people are always saying to me ‘You must LOVE your job! You are so enthusiastic about kaleidoscopes!’ Maybe I should be an actress!! 🙂
      But I need to make some extra cash, I have the opportunity to get a ‘free’ loom, if I can come up with the shipping cost. SO, I’ll re-open the shop with the hopes of selling something!

  2. it’s nice to hear you say this about the showing of what we make, sounds silly but just a few years ago i had the energy to do it, to post and all that but i kinda don’t anymore, what to do
    but i do feel it is so important to share what we do with the world, so many need to see that it’s worth it to spend time making things with their hands,
    it’s so good to take a walk where there is nobody around, just you and nature to be inspired again
    sendin you all my good thoughts
    keep going

    • I had the energy too, when I started….. now I’m totally tired of the ‘selling game’.
      I feel so disconnected with it all and want to head back to a simpler life. I would love to be able to grow my own food, wander in nature, and create. But I guess it’s rather naive of me to think that I can do only that…..
      I agree with you, hand made creations have great value. Not just in of themselves, but for the joy and inner peace they bring…..
      And I think that everybody is creative….. they just need to find it in themselves.
      Warm hugs Danny!

  3. Dear Julie, the photos are good. Maybe you really are just too tired. Do something which you will enjoy at least for a short time before taking more pics. Or get a good sleep ox.

  4. Julie, nice to see your weaving again, and nice pictures, too. But I do miss your model. It must have been fun to shoot photos with her. Maybe that’s why you’re feeling a little less enthused.
    And selling does get old.
    –I just looked through the set of your daughter’s wedding, a few posts back. Such a beautiful, happy occasion for you family and friends to share

    • I told her that you miss seeing her in the photos….. and she told me to start weaving up a storm because she is going to be here for Thanksgiving! So maybe I’ll be able to do some shoots with her in them!

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