A pillow from the sea and ‘woods’

I made a pillow from one of the pieces of ocean dipped wool for John…..         Not many would roll their pant-legs up and walk into a frigid ocean to help their ex-wife to soak fabric. And he did it without hesitation! Always encouraging….. one of the reasons that his children turned out so splendidly!



Now…. to take these naturally dyed yarns and wind them into a warp for a shawl. I’m planning on re-opening my etsy shop this coming Monday. There will only be a couple of shawls and a handful of eco print scarves…. but it’s a start!


8 thoughts on “A pillow from the sea and ‘woods’

    • You’re asking about the yarn? Yes… three are dyed with madder, and the forth is a combination of madder and cochineal. The rest are either natural colored, or dyed with black walnut.

  1. Julie those pillows (or cushions as we call them) have turned out beautifully. Such good definition of the leaves. And I’m sure you will make a lovely shawl with those gorgeous wools.

    • Thanks Gill!
      I hope the shawl turns out nicely…… I warp things so randomly, sometimes that works…… other times, not as well (like the indigo shawl I wove last week…. it seems a bit unbalanced to me. PLUS a LOT of the indigo washed out, even though I had rinsed the yarns thoroughly first).
      I’ll post a photo of it tomorrow hopefully….. the indigo one.

    • Thank you!!
      The pinks are from the leaves (maple?)….. I wish I had gotten a lot more of them!! I got some nice deep purple-ish color prints from some other huge maple leaves…… AND thier winged seed pods too!
      Yes…. someday I will live in the ‘land of leaves’ (as I call Oregon).

  2. These pillows are absolutely gorgeous and what a nice thing to do that together with your ex-partner. I just can’t stop looking at the photos. The yarn is nice too, I am looking forward to see your work back on etsy.

    • Thanks Lizet!
      I am hoping to re-open on Monday. Hopefully? No.. I WILL re-open on Monday! I don’t have much to put in the shop…… but if I don’t do it soon, nobody will remember me! 😦
      And many people may not like the ‘new’ look of my items…. the colors aren’t as brilliant, or varied. But I have to follow my heart on this, and remain strong in my use of only natural dyes.

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