Portland Leaves (and wedding flowers)

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Walking the streets in Oregon have me thinking about going back to school and studying botany (again… it was one of the majors I was briefly studying, until I let chemistry scare me away). There is such a plethora of foliage up there!! OR, I could just get myself a good reference book on trees and leaves!



6 thoughts on “Portland Leaves (and wedding flowers)

  1. You waste not a minute!!! When I looked at the name of your post, I was geared up to see pics of leaves all over the sidewalks and yards of Portland. What exquisite yardage of eco dyed my dear. Your botanical fabrics are so special. So enchanting. One thing I love to do with your fabric is find the little beings hidden in the print. Sweet little faces or little leaf fairy bodies. xox

    • I was chomping at the bit to be dyeing the whole time I was up there! SO MANY LEAVES!! But the only thing that was dyed were the wedding pillowcases….. they are in a bag, percolating for a week or so, then Emily will shake them out and dry them and send them to me to finish up.
      It is so much fun to find all of the magical spirit faces hidden in the prints!! I see new ones every time I wear one of my shirts.

    • I guess life is “school” enough for me….. life and a wonderful library of reference books!
      I would be happy as a clam wandering through forests by day and crafting by night. There is so much to see out there!

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