Emily and Matt’s wedding

Just a few photos of the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to!!

🙂 Yes…. I am biased!

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10 thoughts on “Emily and Matt’s wedding

  1. Oh Julie, what a beautiful bride, a handsome bridegroom, a beyond gorgeous bridal gown, great looking parents…really beautiful pictures of a fantastic day. Thank you so much for sharing. Your dress looks amazing on you. I am so glad you got to go and share this experience with your first born and your family. Happy, happy, joy.

    • Thanks Sheri, I have to concur!
      Emily was the loveliest bride in the world! 🙂 And Matt was very dapper and handsome. They are such a beautiful couple!!
      Isn’t her dress lovely!! She had it made by a lady in Portland who also has an etsy shop…… it’s organic cotton (and was pristine until we got back to their house that evening and Sacha slobbered all over it in his happiness that he wasn’t at the house alone any more).
      A blessed day……

      • I lingered long over the cut of Emily’s dress. I love that you posted her crinoline, so old fashioned and beautiful. I especially loved the bodice and the way it crossed over and fit to perfection and then the almost poodle skirt fullness of the skirt. It is one of the loveliest dresses I have ever seen. She looked like a bride out of the Portland wedding magazine. Yes, a blessed day indeed.

      • I’ll have to pass your sweet words on to her…. she will be pleased!
        She was going for a 50’s look….. and I’m so happy that she found the seamstress she did, this dress is so much more ‘her’ than any of the vintage dresses she tried on.

  2. A wonderful atmosphere, indeed, no doubt it has been an unforgettable moment in life! Happy to see you there with your ecodyed dress!

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