The finished dress

….. I’m leaving early Monday morning….. HOW exciting!!

I’ll post photos of the wedding when I get back!

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10 thoughts on “The finished dress

  1. Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am grinning ear to ear. What a fabulous job you did, I love it. It is very beautiful, the whole ensemble. I especially love the way you scalloped the bottom of your dress, how stylish and beautiful. And your indigo slip and shawl………they are the frosting on the cake. Job well done my dear. Thank you for taking all of us on the whole journey with you, it has been quite an experience and quite fun. Now we will await wedding photos. Your baby is getting married!!!! (where are the shoes you dyed?) You amaze me and I am so happy that you will be clothed in art at Emily’s wedding. Many blessings to you and the almost newly bride and groom. Love you always………..

    • It’s a journey that I hope to never travel down again!
      Oh wait….. I do have two more children who may get married someday!
      So I may travel down a similar trail. 🙂 But it will have different pitfalls and wonders.
      Thank you for your stamp of approval!! It means a lot to me!
      I will give the kids your blessings….
      Love you too!

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