Two New Shirts

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I made myself a couple of new silk tank tops to bring with me on vacation…..

This first one was a combination of black walnut leaves, snakeweed and baby silver dollar eucalyptus….. simmered for three hours in a black walnut dye bath (along with some more yarn).

The second was pressure cooker dyed with rose and baby eucalyptus leaves pressed between some tiles….. then dipped into an indigo vat. Not quite how I envisioned it, but I like it! Next time I think that I’ll do the shibori indigo first, so that I have a better idea for the leaf placement.


8 thoughts on “Two New Shirts

  1. Hey Julie. I’m in the middle of making tamales so I will be back to ooh and ahh a little later. Just wanted to say one thing now, though. You better take lots of business cards with you, carry them on your body. You might get many, many, orders for your unique and amazing handmade spirit clothing!!!!!!!!

    • Business cards? I haven’t had any of those in quite awhile! I need to make some new ones for my etsy shop….. and stop eco printing and get back to weaving, now that my arm is better/healed.
      Funny….. I wear my eco dyed shirts all of the time to work, and nobody ever comments on them. Well, not that’s not entirely true….. Margaret Thede and Nancy look at them, but they are friends.
      I wish that those tamales were close by!! Sounds yummy!!!

  2. I love the first one, Julie, very dramatic. – My theory is, that if I like eco printed clothes there must be few others around who would like it too :), so you better make some cards before you go :). ox

    • Thanks Monika….
      I’m actually happy with both shirts! So unlike me! 😀
      I don’t sew well enough to sell my clothes (plus my sewing machine is old and persnickety, sometimes it works, then other times it doesn’t) …… but I like the idea of selling the fabric, like you are doing!
      I do need to get some new business cards though. Lilly designed my last ones, they were great! Maybe I should look into Moo cards?

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