And when you don’t care about the results…..

…. because you’re just playing around.

I was going to patch the knees of my blue jeans last night. First I headed to my stash of old blue jeans, to cut patches from them. The first pair I pulled out of the pile looked to be in better shape than the pair that needed mending!

Why were they in there? Because they didn’t fit? I tried them on….. perfect fit!! I guess I’ve lost enough weight in the last year and a half that I really should go through my old piles of clothes…… but that’s another story!

I then decided to see if I had any heavier fabrics eco printed, that would make okay patches. Found some cotton/linen fabric that I had dyed with onion skins and rust last year…… and I thought, play time! So I bundled two pieces with eucalyptus and maple leaves….. threw them into the pressure cooker while I made my lunch for work and got my clothes together.

In forty minutes I got these patches for my jeans! Yippee!!


7 thoughts on “And when you don’t care about the results…..

  1. I see. It’s the surprise factor that gets into you. Hey, Julie, I completely missed that you had such a mishap. I hope your arm heals fast. Take good care of yourself.

    • Thanks Susan
      All is healing (the arm and the knee)…… soon I’ll be able to weave again and that makes me VERY happy!
      ha ha ha…… I do love surprises!! But only when I’m playing around. I need to learn to retain that sense of wonder (at all times!), so that I’m not so put off when things don’t turn out like I’m expecting them to.
      Stop. Observe. Say Wow! Learn.

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