I think that I’m going with this one…..

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Of course the best prints are on the backside! Not many good orange euc prints….. why? The only reason I can come up with is that I let the leaves get too dry, and then didn’t rehydrate them enough before I used them. Ah well.

It’s still a WIP……. need to do a bit of stitching and have to decide on the hemline (not sure if I’m going to do a straight hem, or do upward gathers so that it’s sort of a scalloped drape).

I’ll have to get a full slip to wear…… it’s pretty sheer, even with the printing.

On the way to work last week I noticed a little walnut tree loaded with nuts! I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it before….. but the light was perfect this day, everything was illuminated and calling out to me. So I gathered a bag full on my way home. Now to dye some yarn!!


8 thoughts on “I think that I’m going with this one…..

  1. Julie, your latest version is so beautiful it takes my breath away. I love the new dress pattern too. You are becoming quite an amazing seamstress. Seems like the last frontier for you would be growing the cotton, bamboo, soy…. or tending silk worms then processing the raw element in cloth. (I wouldn’t put it past you.) Thank you so much for sharing your journey here, I love to be a witness to it. You are going to be a beautiful mother of the bride in this glorious garment. oxoxoxoxoxox

  2. What a lucky find! I love how we get to know our close environment via natural dyeing, eg. today I have learned that thorns on the roses are much bigger in August than they were at the beginning of July 🙂 ox

    • I felt lucky! Now I have to get some yarn spun….. to dye with the walnuts!!
      I had ordered some angora/merino roving that I want to blend with some BFL/silk, tussah silk and the alpaca you sent to me….. I think that now I can start using my drum carder again. So maybe I’ll have some yarn to dye by my next days off!! Oh boy!!

  3. The dress is lovely…both the drape and the printing! And, I love that you’re checking out the eco/foraging possibilities on the way to work. Hope that arm is mending.

    • Thank you!
      I think that once you start eco printing, and natural dyeing, your eyes are hungrily searching for new sources wherever you are!
      The arm is doing better. I’m back to using it normally (although it does remind me that it isn’t quite there at times).

  4. Ciao Julie: Love seeing your blog..catching up I am, and this wonderful dress; Am impressed with all you are managing with the mending arm; now that I am doing the eco-dye/eco-print I am gathering and gathering with my eyes and with my hands-familiar things and learning about new things here. Blessings on all your projects..

    • Hi Ginny!!
      I gathered today!
      I went to Phoenix on an errand with my ex and discovered that Lilly’s new apartment complex is surrounded with eucalyptus trees!! I don’t know if they will print, but plucked a few bunches to see what they will do. Tomorrow is experiment day… yippee!!
      I am really eagerly awaiting to see what you do! You learned from one of the best! That, combined with your eye for beauty…….what amazing creations should unfold!!

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