A nice score…..

I was at a used bookstore today and found a copy of “Fabrics That Go Bump”!! It was only $14!

Some of what it talks about is not new to me……. BUT there is a whole section on deflected double weave! Yay!! Good reading while my arm is on the mend!

Speaking of which, I went to an orthopedic doctor today. He is not going to cast my arm after all. He said that with breaks by the elbow, they heal better without a cast. He couldn’t promise that I won’t have pain in my elbow for the rest of my life….. but that the possibilities are better, if it’s not put in a cast.  And no driving my stick-shift car while it heals….. but John has a car I can use to get to and from work when I start back next week.

Life is good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh…. the little baby plant is a red flowering eucalyptus I’m growing from seed. He was a mistake, not the variety I had been told to get, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t eco print potential when he matures!


4 thoughts on “A nice score…..

    • Not so impressive….. the beetle photos are done with both hands ( he told me to take my arm out of the sling and start using it carefully, so that the muscle doesn’t lose strength).
      The rest of those photos were left handed.
      See you tomorrow!
      Want to go for a walk?! 🙂
      I love you oodles!

  1. Wonderful photographs. I have a friend who does ecoprints…she uses a lot of deadheads. One day she was outside a restaurant “trimming” the landscape and a passerby asked if she was a master gardener!

    • Thanks!
      “Master Gardener”….. she is!! Or perhaps her title should be “Harvest Queen”!!
      I was outside yesterday carefully gathering up all of the petals from the sunflowers that a passing storm had scattered….. not sure yet if they will go into a dye pot, or a fabric bundle, But you just can’t let them go to waste!
      And I’m always eyeing the landscape with a predatory eye, looking for a nice shape leaf or color possibility……. although I have yet to build up the nerve to knock on a stranger’s door to ask if I can pluck their fading blooms!

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