Messing around with old tee-shirts……

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I was joking around the other day about the fact that I could escape into the forest and nobody would find me! My plethora of eco printed tee-shirts are the perfect clothes for the disappearing.

I found an old window screen the other day….. the wood was rotting and the screen rusting. So we all know what I did! Ripped the screen out and bundled a shirt in it. I liked the negative print I got… along with the pattern from the wire.

The other shirt was covered with all of the left over leaves I had laying around. This was done before I told Irit that I needed to practice a bit of restraint and zen simplicity. Which I really need to do on occasion. I like both looks, so I should be able


8 thoughts on “Messing around with old tee-shirts……

  1. 🙂
    It may have known about it’s destination…… but it wasn’t happy about it! Tough to roll up and bundle….. it keep shouting ‘No!’ I don’t want to do that!
    After many scratches (and me wondering how up to date my tetanus shot was) I finally corralled it and roped it into submission (ha ha ha ….. an eco dye rodeo!).
    I liked the results too! Am itching to try it again….. but have to wait for some rain!! I’m out of water.

    • Thanks!
      I got started by reading India Flint’s books. Then much trial and error. It’s a never ending learning process…… and quite addictive!! AND so much fun!!
      I’d love to be surrounded by big piles of wool!! 🙂

  2. Lovely prints. It nice to get to know the community on WordPress that are all enjoying ecodyeing. I like that we all seem to try different things and can share our combined knowledge. I’m still working on getting such solid leaf prints – as you have done. One so far on 4 yards of silk 🙂 But lots of partials. So… try, try again!
    Have a great day!

  3. That sounds like MY motto! Try and try again!
    I loved looking through your blog!!
    Is there a way to search through WordPress to find other eco printers and natural dyers? I’m such a novice in the blog world!

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