I know that eucalyptus varieties give many different colors…. and that the growing conditions, and time of year, and age change the colors of the same tree.

But I was still surprised to see the bright green color I got last night!

I had trimmed back my new baby silver dollar euc after I planted it, in hopes of making it more bushy. I took the trimmings and dyed with them last night. I expected little orange spots of color…… no! They were a wonderful bright green!

I also used some trimmings from “Monika”….. nice prints!

I dipped the smoke tree leaves, and the maple leaves, in a solution of egg and iron.  For no particular reason. The eucalyptus leaves were left alone.

Two long strips of raw silk were dyed with eucalyptus and smoke tree…… they were wrapped around a copper pipe. Wrapped around another copper pipe were two more silk strips with  eucalyptus and maple bundled inside.

A third pipe, this time an iron one,  had a simple strip of raw silk bundled around eucalyptus leaves.

I also wove a scarf out of my left over shawl yarns!

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8 thoughts on “Surprises….

  1. AH, dear Julie..I found your blog via Pat Vivod’s. I wish you hadn’t left FB too but it looks like you are creating and sharing about the lovely experiments and pieces in many fine places!

    • I do love to share! And to see what other’s are doing too! It’s like show and tell…. takes me right back to kindergarden! Happy Days.
      I need Lilly to come visit and give me lessons on blogging….. there are so many things I can’t figure out, like how to put up a side bar with links of my favorite sites. 😦
      AND I can’t wait to see photos of the things you made at your workshop!!

  2. just found your blog and am working with eco prints and I so impressed with the clarity of the imprints on you silk pieces….I don’t cook mine nearly that long, so i will try the four hour cook and see what difference it makes.. Great work

  3. You’re inspiring. I read from top of the recent till this. Very facinating and can’t help stop reading. I must drop you now to say all are amazing, particularly this one with so bold and strong prints of green, dark, red. REALLY looks like painting. I can’t use any word to say how I love eco printing. Your works are GREAT.

    • Thank you Terriea…… I’m always happy to hear that somebody is inspired by my eco printing! 🙂
      I love eco printing too!
      I hope to see some of your work some day!

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