Mimicking the Moon

Jeph counted fifteen flower buds on the dactura yesterday…. one opened last night with the moon. Such a heady intoxicating fragrance they have….. if only I was a moth!

And no…. I haven’t tried to eco print with the flowers, or the leaves. Since they are poisonous.

This is my newest tree…. Her name is


Not sure if it’s the variety of smoke tree I ordered, it doesn’t seem very dark. But perhaps that is because of her youth?

And her name?

She’s named after my friend, whose birthday it was yesterday! 🙂

Hopefully I will get nice eco prints from her leaves!!

I had a wonderful experience yesterday in Flagstaff. I’m not sure that I can put it into words….

I went into “WinterSun” a shop selling herbs and Native American art. There was a couple in there from Peru (I believe). Very old. Dressed traditionally. The woman was seated. with her foot in a basin of water containing floating herbs. Her foot looked swollen and red…… I felt for her!

As I wandered around looking at cradle board kachinas I overheard parts of a conversation between Phyllis (the shop’s owner and herbalist) and a lady who was traveling with the couple as an interpreter (one of two interpreters, she spoke Spanish and the other lady spoke Spanish and the native dialect of the couple). The couple were healers, on tour in the USA. They had been married since they were 13 or 14….. and were now in their late 60s.

It was all I could do to restrain myself from plopping down on the floor and sit there listening. But I felt like an outsider. So mush wisdom seemed to be radiating out of them….. so much earthly energy.

And it made me sad too. Sad that I’ve never had the gumption to follow my heart and study herbal medicine/healing. I’ve been fascinated by herbs almost all of my life. I thirst for more than the tidbits of knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years.

Oh! I did find some white oak bark for sale there. Lots of tannin!! 🙂 So I bought some for mordanting my cottons. Looked it up when I got home, and it looks like I should be drinking it too! It’s good for varicose veins and kidney stones!  I could be come “White Oak Woman”!

Enough rambling…


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