For as blah as I found my yarns, the shawl turned out beautifully! And it was the perfect quick project to ‘prime the pump’ and make me want to begin weaving again.

Yawn…. had set my alarm early, so that I could get up and do some pruning in the yard before the big red ants woke up. But then I woke up an hour and a half BEFORE my alarm went off! So it might be nap time now.

…… will have to find somebody cheap to haul off all of the bamboo I’ve been cutting out. It’s too expensive to keep it nice and green (since they tripled the water costs about 5 years ago)….. and it just seems like a fire hazard with how hot and windy it’s been here in Arizona!Image


2 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to hear from you. Glad to see you are blogging too. It gets easier as you go along, but of course I have no room to talk…have been really slow this year and a bum knee is keeping me out of my outdoor studio. I’m on fb daily and the old gang is continually at work with new eco printing I can barely keep up.

    Your shawl is lovely. Wonderful color. And the eco printed quilt is great too. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks Pat!
    I do get to still see the work that Irit is doing….. she posts occasionally on Flickr. She continues to astound me!
    And I can see your work on your blog, which makes me happy!!
    But I have looked for others elsewhere and can’t find them.
    It’s probably better for me to not be immersed in everybody else’s work though….. or so I tell myself. 🙂 That way I won’t find myself copying their work inadvertently, and will develop my own ‘style’ .
    I’m sorry about your knee! Is it an old injury, or new? It must be frustrating.
    But you’ll get out there again!!

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